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Gracie doll, linen scarf and a cherub

Gracie Doll in a Liberty Dress

Doll made from Egyptian Cotton. 18" from head to toe (43 cm)
She has a painted face and small heart tattoo. 
Her hair is securely stitched and can be styled into braids or pony tails.
She's stuffed with European Toy Standard Fiber Fill

The mini Gracie Doll big dolly is holding is not included.

Long Linen Scarf

Hand dyed scarf made of beautiful quality, vintage linen. It has two different styles of antique lace on each end, a stunning embroidered set of initials and the long edges are finished with a serge stitch.

It measures 91" x 20" (234 cm x 50 cm) and can also be used as a shawl to cover chilly shoulders on a summer evening.

The colour is a light turquoise.

Cheeky Cherub Embroidery Pattern

I made this cherub last year and though it's a simple pattern it's my favourite piece of embroidery. The cheeks on this cherub are straight from baby pictures of my children and  my daughter loves to wear it.


From Thursday, 24 March until Monday the 28th, 100% of proceeds on all items in my newly created Etsy shop will be donated to Save The Children, our chosen charity. I'm hoping to have some vintage textiles on offer as well.


  1. tender blues to cradle the neck and love the heart tattoo on the doll...great touch!! do you have link to you new shop??

  2. wonderful doll, pretty girl in a scarf and angels.

  3. Joanie, the doll is absolutely stunning. I think we should have auctioned that one off!

  4. The doll is beautiful. I only wish I had a little girl to buy for. And that scarf? Well, I've got my eye on that scarf, although I'm probably not the only person.

  5. oh Joanie, what a gorgeous doll & scarf !!! It will sell in no time, they're both so precious ! And the cherub is affordable, I'm sure it will interest lots of ladies !

  6. Oh so wonderful! I can't get over the color of that scarf, it's beautiful.