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Pillow from Raven Ram and Moon

Virgin of Guadalupe Pillow
In Alexander Henry fabric with linen backing
Estela from Raven Ram and Moon is offering this pillow.

She explains "In Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe is considered the patron saint of the Americas. My daughter carries her pillow like a doll, but it will also look great sitting on a bed, couch or displayed on a shelf."

100% polyester filled so it is machine washable but spot cleaning is recommended. 
On the back there is a pocket so you can put a special item or can be used as a prayer pocket. 
It will be listed on her Etsy shop later today for $15.00


  1. Thank you Estela for offering this sweet pillow.

  2. thank you very much for helping too !

  3. Oooh I have a friend who would LOVE this. I'm going to tell her about it right now.

  4. what stunning work..love the rich colors!