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Simple Stones for Courage

 simple stones . vintage page & verse  . 

collage around nature polished stones

each are a one of a kind creation from a "give thanks" page of a rescued book

 .  fit in the palm of the hand .. in the small corner of a desk ..

in a giving heart

These Simple Stones will be available for purchase in ELK's Etsy shop, Red or Gray Art, on Thursday, March 24. More details at Elaine's blog, Red or Gray.


  1. each of them has such personality !
    thank you so much for being part of the event with us !

  2. Margie, I wish I could take credit for the Simple Stones and the poetry of the text. That's all Elaine's work! They make me feel calm just looking at the photographs.

  3. I knew these were elk's even before I saw the name. They're just lovely.

  4. Lovely! A wonderful and thoughtful contribution.
    Thank you.