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Bringing Brooches and Bouquets

These birch bark brooches start as a downed branch found in my woods and are cut and sanded smooth by my hands. I then apply a veneer of birch bark that I've gathered and drill a design in the front, a process that was inspired by the crafty woodpeckers out in my backyard. A few stitches and a pinback screwed to the back make this piece one you can wear on your own adventure.

A bouquet inspired by penny rugs and the idea that even past-prime wool clothing can be turned into something lovely. Each of these penny flowers were made from wool garments that I've felted. They're entirely handsewn and topped with a small vintage button. They're threaded on bendable wire so they can be arranged as you'd like them.
Each of these pieces will be available in my big cartel shop beginning March 24.


  1. oooh, Lisa, the brooches and the bouquets are just marvelous
    thank you so much my friend

  2. I really, really like those M&M looking vintage buttons in the bouquets :)

    You are so very generous Lisa, thanks!

  3. i love your work ..happy colors from nature!!