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Final Sale Day

The response to the Crafting for Courage sale has been phenomenal. It's heartwarming to feel the love and support that all of you have offered to the people of Japan during this terrible crisis. You have donated handcrafted goodies to the sale, purchased lovingly handmade items, and spread the word about this fundraiser. Each of the individual contributions has been magnified by this collective support.

On this last day of the fundraiser, I have two more Crafting for Courage bunnies (a momma-and-baby duo) for sale in my Etsy shop. I have also created a pdf pattern for you to make your very own Crafting for Courage bunny. They are really wanting to multiply faster than my hands can make them!

All of the proceeds from the sale of the bunnies and the pdf will be donated to Save the Children's Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund.

Thank you once again for your support!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to make a whole burrow full of bunnies during our Easter break... or at least one or two :)


  2. pussycat,
    your blog is oober fabulous!
    your fancy posts are rather delightful!
    happy blogging, you wonderful being! x x