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Mister Courage

This brave guy is ready to go to the aid of his friends of the Dragonfly Forest.

Please come on my Flickr photostream to see and read more  : http://www.flickr.com/photos/lesfabulationsdenanou/

Wooden creature 37 cm high
Crochetted dress
Japanese fabric adorned with dragonflies
Hat and bucket from fleamarket

SOLD (offline)

I remind that my Forest Friends dressed with crochet have been inspired by the Ghost Trees of my dear friend Margie (Resurrection Fern) :

Les fabulations


  1. Nanou, Mr. Courage is spectacular! Your stitching and crochet work are just perfect. He is bringing me courage, too, with his helmet and bucket.

  2. Your creative stitches are just amazing Nanou. The dragonfly fabric is a very sweet addition too. Wonderful!