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Zencrafting Bunnies

In the Japanese zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit (usagi). People born in this year, and every twelve years before and after, are Rabbit People. They are considered "quietly charismatic," reserved, and cautious. The Rabbit is one of happiest animals of the zodiac.  

This hand-sewn Blue Bunny is made from felted wool sweater scraps. His button eyes and floppy ears give him an air of wisdom. He is filled with Coopworth Sheep wool roving from Deer Run Sheep Farm in Franklin, West Virginia. He is soft to the touch, but with a solidness that makes him very huggable.

Purple Bunny is unbelievably soft, made from a felted wool sweater that is an angora blend. He is machine sewn and has a pompom tail almost as big as his head. He is also filled Deer Run Sheep Farm's wool roving.

Green Bunny carries a bit of spring wherever she goes. She is hand-embroidered and hand-sewn and is filled with wool roving from Deer Run Sheep Farm.

The Crafting for Courage bunnies can be purchased at the zencrafting Etsy shop.

***Please note that the first three bunnies hopped out of the shop this morning (Thursday). Thank you so much to the purchasers for your support of Crafting for Courage, and for the people of Japan. I will be posting a limited number of bunnies as fast as my tired hands can stitch them, so please stop back in the shop throughout the sale. It runs through Monday, March 28.

Arigato gozaimashita!


  1. awww Pat, really they're so so cute !! I love them all !!

  2. I love them! No surprise so many are sold already!!!

  3. they are so full of spring and promise

  4. Eep! So. Darn. Cute!! Love these little guys and their tails as big as their heads. :)

  5. oh gosh... they are gone.... they are really so cute !! Pat you were so helpful to me ..so glad the sale is going well!!

  6. Pat, a friend of mine wanted to buy a few of your bunnies today for Easter presents and was sad to find none in your shop. I know you have been sewing like crazy and can't keep up with the demand for these little cuties, but I just thought I'd pass along the compliment!