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Stack of Linens

This is a lovely stack of linens that can be used in a multitude of ways. The largest piece in this collection is a long piece of antique linen that is perfect for dyeing, sewing or stitching. It measures 19" x 95." (or 48cm x 242cm) over 2.5 yards long.
It is the same antique linen fabric (un-dyed) used in the turquoise scarf pictured here.

In addition, there are tray cloths and table mats, lace edged napkins and embroidered pieces too (10 additional pieces in all making 11 total.)

Here are two examples of how I like to use vintage and antique linens, hanging sachets and decorative pillows.
More details about this stack in my Etsy shop.


  1. Those linens are pretty, by the time I got on your shop to take a look, they were gone!! WOW!

  2. No pressure, but I'd love to buy some of your vintage linen finds some day. I wanted to let others have the first chance at them, but they are so beautiful!